Working with what you have is much better than wanting what you don’t have.

A Seattle band finds their sound through struggle

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2 min readOct 4, 2020


The Glacial Drift has just hit their first streaming milestone. Their Spotify streams have by climbing every day just weeks after releasing what is quickly becoming a sound they will be known for.

“Sometimes you come to realize that working with what you have is much better than wanting what you don’t have.”

Why did you decide to move away from Progressive rock to electronic instrumentation?

We’ve always had a love for experimenting. This began with a simple goal of telling the story with weird effects on our guitars.

We wanted to challenge ourselves with complex timing which involved playing back obscure samples through our instruments to create a lo-fi distant ambiance.

We arrived here through the challenges of keeping a consistent group together. Finding a great drummer that could stick with the trials and hard road of a startup band is tricky.

Instead, Xavier and Jason decided to focus on making great songs without the distraction of refilling holes in our lineup.

Photo by Javad Esmaeili on Unsplash

Evolving from a more pure progressive rock style to incorporating electronic instrumentation required alot of improvising.

The first thing to adjust when switching to a more electronic sound was the beat. We needed to stick with a recognizable framework. A majority of our ideas…



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