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Spotify is one of the easiest ways to discover new music today. They offer tons of playlists focused on everything from specific eclectic musical tastes to sub-genres of skater rock. It’s easy to get lost but we have a great guide to help you seek out great new indie music by fresh creators.

Indie Music Spotify Playlists worth following in 2022

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New Music Arrivals you should be listen to:

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Jacob James Wilton — Red Sand

Indie Folk, Folk, Acoustic
Similar artists: Owen, Big Thief, Ida, Hovvdy, Secret Stars,
Moods: Sad, Chill, Moody

The single uses breathing to track the timing adding texture and interest to an already unique folk acoustic single. The track starts with a simple acoustic guitar but quickly expands into a western soundtrack of luscious instrumental layers. The vocal is soft and breathy which fits perfectly into the surroundings. Lyrically the words create an effective environment for the melodies to play around. love the single, it’s like a piece of art work. Anxious to hear more.

Cabela and Schmitt -Seize the Day

Music Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock
Vibe: Upbeat, energetic
Located in: Fountain, Colorado
Sounds like: Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, David Bowie

Seize the Day by Cabela and Schmitt is about Capturing Fleeting Moments
Let the music wrap around you as it carries you to another world of delight where cherry blossoms bloom all year round and candy canes line the yellow brick road. Cabela and Schmitt’s New Single Seize The Day is a rythmic gem that mixes exotic and middle eastern layers with inspiring lyrics encouraging you to capture the fleeting moments of life.

YOUNGTONES- Ruthless — Live

Genre: Retro Soul, Funk
Similar artists: THE DIP, CURTIS HARDING, LEON BRIDGES, Allen Stone, Bennie Sings, NATHANIEL RATLIFF, Black Pumas
Moods: Energetic

Ruthless is a certified banger featuring an all star band with members of Casey Musgraves, The Wallflowers, and Scary Pockets. Placed on official spotify playlists “Retro Soul” and “soul n’ the city” The single is fun and high energy with a full funk band that shows off the skills of the musicians that came together to create this magic. Love it.

Soul/Retro-pop outfit YOUNGTONES is Luke Wade.

Njordlyd — Dark Ride

Music Genre: Electronic
Sub-genre: Ambient; Downtempo; Soundscapes; Drone; Chill Out; Experimental; Dark ambient; Industrial ambient;
Vibe: Focus; Concentration; Meditating; Relax; Chill
Located in: Den Haag, The Netherlands

“Interlaced” is a 2-song “single” or EP consisting of Dark Ride and Interlaced. Both tracks will be on the upcoming album “Getting Closer” coming soon but get ready for a chilled out mind changing mood, because this song is a vibe like no other. It takes you on a ride through a mediative river that brings one concentration and focus.

Tadpole Glow — Fun While it lasted

”The lyrics for “Fun While it Lasted” were inspired by a bit of poetry I wrote in my journal nearly a decade ago after a breakup. It wasn’t even a particularly bad breakup, but I was pondering the way that, in a relationship, if your goal is to change the other person or make them “better” you are probably not meant for each other. You can’t love someone enough to make them a different person”

Partimama — Mamma Loves ya

Music Genre: Pop/Dance
Vibe: 90s disco vibe with modern house influences
Located in: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Sounds like: lady gaga, Lizzo

The song has a strong, empowering message about acceptance and unity and appeals to all genders and demographics with a strong connection to LGBTQ. It has pure substance and affirmation giving the listener something special to take away with them and it is all delivered with an infectious vocal performance.



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