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12 Vibey Indie Songs for summer 2021

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3 min readAug 4, 2021


Did I hear someone say it was August? Ugh.. No.

Summer is ending way to soon and I still haven’t had a chance to post tiktoks on all the hot new summer singles. Well there is still time..

Here are some songs you’ll be hearing on my August Instagram Reels /Tiktok posts. Tag me if you use any of them @Jacqueline Jax

New Music

Greg Hoy’s ‘Highway 101’ is a rite of passage within ‘the great American road trip’

Greg Hoy’s new rock music single is the anticipation of love — maybe for the first time — driving alongside the ocean. <Read more>

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“As a young man growing up, Ialways find myself in complex relationships that never end happily.”

NP Talks about Complex Relationships on New Single Breaking Bad

‘Breaking Bad’ is about a jealous ex-girlfriend trying to get attention unsuccessfully by making me jealous about her new boyfriend. She’s feeling bad and upset that her newfound love life isn’t affecting me. <Read more>

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Cuttin’ the Cord by Lunacode

Coming together in 2020, Lunacode is making music with a fresh sound.

Los Angeles band Indigo FM’s New Release ‘Anhedonia’ searches for meaning in everyday life <Read more>

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Savannah Jaine Releases a Summertime Single ‘Sunshine and White Wine’

“Savannah has a unique sound that’s very friendly, engaging and recognizable. I love the fun light hearted feel of this new summer single,’ Sunshine and White Wine’. This artist knows how to deliver a song with real personal charm. The lyrics are relatable, the production is clear and modern.” <read more>

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Beautiful Things: It’s alright

Cabela and Schmitt’s new single, ‘Beautiful’

A hidden treasure, Cabela and Schmitt’s new single, ‘Beautiful’ has a wonderful message to share. Beautiful by Cabela and Schmitt is a small town Nebraska story from almost 45 years ago. <Read more>

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Mirror Point reminds us to take a step back to ‘Realign’ on New Single

Realign’ by Mirror Point is a super catchy HipHop inspired Rock single that captures you with it’s powerful energy and infectious Chorus. I love the message behind this song. <Read more>

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‘It Will Always Be True’ by Dave Molter is a love song of a different kind

“It Will Always Be True” by Dave Molter is a love song of a different kind, one meant to assure the listeners that if they have doubts or feel that they are the only one who has problems, there is always someone to help them through rough times. <read more>

Pyrakite ‘Incomplete’ is a celebration of musicians

Based on a true charachter we all know or have seen play live, locally or globally; the Guitar Hero. 🎸 The song is a boogiewoogie/rockjazz tune.

Boo Box ‘Joyride’ is the perfect Summer vibe for fun loving alternative rock fans

“Joyride’ is an alternative rock single from the Arizona band Boo Box. The song has a driving energy with a summer vibe perfect for taking a ride somewhere unexpected. This single is all about having fun. <Read more>

Lou Black Returns to Music with a Fresh Single ‘Your Superman’

When asked why he wrote a song about Superman, Lou said, “I was a child when I immigrated from Spanish-speaking Peru to French-speaking Canada to English-speaking U.S. That was a lot of change for a kid. I saw Superman as a fellow immigrant, a fellow only child who was also growing up in the Midwest — me in Missouri and him in neighboring Kansas. I could relate to this idea of being like him, a stranger in a strange land, and having to assimilate into American life. He was my first comic book superhero, and this set me on the path to collect over 1,000 comic books as a kid and to pursue art/cartooning/film/animation hobbies. This song is a tribute to this pop culture icon.” <Read More>

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