How Indie Artists are using Spotify Ads to find new fans

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7 min readMay 31, 2019

This is a game changer for any artist who wants to seriously pursue a career in music.

With limited time available, smart artists realize that pulling focus away from creating amazing music to market their work feels counterproductive. Just trying to make great music takes a lot of concentrated effort and time. Plus it’s way more FUN than the marketing stuff.

When you try to do everything yourself, it leads to more stress and gets you trapped in a bad circle making you feel like music isn’t as fun as it used to be.

Now with AVA Live Radio Ads, you can think a step ahead about how to get your music the right exposure it deserves without having to pull a double shift.

Leave the marketing to the experts and you go on to creating that next amazing music project or maybe even use the time you save to make a cool music video.

When you have us on the job, you can dedicate 100% of yourself to making great songs and focus on what matters most.

Let us take the worry of having to constantly think about how to market your next song off your plate.

What are Spotify Ads?

Spotify Ads run at the beginning during and also at the end of popular plays on Spotify that fit your niche listener demographic. Typically Ads are served to Spotify users during Ad breaks between songs on New Music Monday and also in our popular Jax Daily and Social Blade segments. Each Ad contains a clickable link in the description box below shown for the duration of the ad and programming linked to a single URL of your choice.

As part of our Ads promo, your Ad will also run continually across all 15 broadcasts. So if you’re working through AVA Live Radio, you’re gaining a bonus of 15 channels. Our Spotify Ads let you…

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