Derek Lee Goodreid is Finding Comfort for PTSD Through Music

Radio host Jacqueline Jax speaks with Derek Lee Goodreid about how to determine your musical direction and merchandising when your thinking about music career planning.

Fan Comments:

  • darinjellisonmusic : I agree with Derek. For so many of us, performing isn’t about “look at me, everyone!” It’s about letting it all out. Catharsis. It’s addicting and therapeutic.
  • joegallagherjr: For me, I would say the same is true. The whole spectrum of emotion is covered. When I write, it’s like a prism
  • avaliveradio@darinjellisonmusic It’s definitely a careful balance. As a musician you must be out there in the public but it’s a little tempting I’m sure to just put the music out there anonymously for people to enjoy without the hassle of taking the personal attacks.
  • caramel_dmvYes…music is an expression that keeps on giving.
  • avaliveradio@caramel_dmv what do you like about each piece of music you publish?
  • caramel_dmv@avaliveradio When I’m writing, it gives me a sense of freedom to just let it all out & to be me. From the storms I’ve been or go through to the views & events that go on in this world. When I put that pen to the pad…I can feel good knowing that with my songs I at least reached one soul, got the wheels turning in someone’s head and/or got a much needed conversation started.
  • karisakay76It is all about anyway I can add to ones day or life for me. Hopefully someone can be comforted or helped in some way by what I do!! 🎶❤️🎶
  • theofficialniff@avaliveradio My story!! Having a Voice
  • thecocoscottI like that! Best of luck to you and your career!
  • hanna_voxI really love the expressions in this quote, like inferno. Really cool
  • tiona_music_journey_@avaliveradio both but probably more hurt
  • jacquelinejaxI’m inspired by people.



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