Creating an international music brand in 2019

Just a decade ago, the top twenty percent of musicians earned fifty percent of the revenue and profit in the recorded music industry. Now, the top one percent of artists earn fifty percent of the profits.

The change? It used to be that music marketing and distribution success depended on an artist getting ‘discovered’ and represented by the right label. Now, artists are taking back ownership of their brands and the distribution of their products. And with the internet, that distribution is now inexpensive and accessible. Any artist can instantaneously and independently distribute music on a global scale using iTunes, YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify.

Capturing your piece of this moment in time requires positioning. An artist today must learn a lot more than just how to play music. If you want to become an international brand, that requires a knowledge of social media, marketing, distribution, and a clear understanding of what your best assets are.

Creating an international Hip Hop music brand in 2019 with Jacqueline Jax and Black Dove

She’s an obvious choice because the girl wrote the book on understanding how to relate to her audience. She took her attributes and put them right out there from day one.

There is nothing that Taylor Swift does that does not include her humor, intelligence, and energy. She’s always grateful to her fans and she manages to make her live streams and content feel very accessible 24–7.

Taylor leads with authenticity above all else as she tells the stories that her fans can relate to. Learning how to speak to your audience is key because you are not just speaking to anyone, you serving a specific group of people and it’s really important to know the difference.

Adele knew this very early on and managed to build an enormous brand on the back of Moms who related deeply to her lyrics. By understanding the audience that the songs resonated with, she rose quickly to the top without having to offer her albums on streaming services initially.

That’s what made her remarkable. When her Album Adele’s 25 broken to the public, she sold 7.44 million albums. This was done by understanding where her audience was and just how she could reach them. The 35-year-old Mom who needed to consume music on her own time was who she specifically catered to late at night after the kids were tucked in bed.

Adele made sure that every appearance and platform that her fans could watch was available on-demand so her fans would never miss an appearance.

Speaking of never letting your fans miss you, the final piece to this puzzle is consistency. Let’s pull from Rihanna’s strategy. To give her ample time to work on her 8th album, Rihanna created a PR storm around the early release of two singles.

Releasing these gave her plenty of time to create while she stayed in the spotlight. “FourFive Seconds” and “B***h Better Have My Money” gave her fans some much needed fresh material to enjoy while building suspense around that next album thus securing the attention of her fans while bringing new ones on board who discovered her through those two amazing singles.

Each song made performance appearances across all media outlets like she was touring an album and all that momentum ensured a very successful full album launch.

Best of all, we never felt like Rihanna wasn’t center stage.

How to create a professional music brand:

I have some quick tips to get you started. You’ll need to make plans for the long term but this quick list should be part of everyone’s music strategy.

1. Launch a Website, this doesn’t need to be elaborate but you need to have your own .com (domain name) and you need to make yourself available to all music fans through a google search. This means establishing some real estate online that no one controls but you. Make sure you have a blog, and about me page, music, contact information, videos and links to all your social media pages.

2. Write a Blog. This needs to be on your website and be filled with stories, images, and videos that allow people to dive deeper into who you are. Your blog can be accessed through google search and you can walk new fans through the story pages right from your newsletter. If you don’t know how to set this up, look here to hire me to do this for you..

The future of social media is very limiting as they continue to limit the way you can distribute your music and if they even allow people to see it. I want to encourage you to think about the future and health of your brand. I like to think of it as smart long term marketing as you become much more in control of how you reach your fans and what they can see/experience from you.

Then once you set it all up and collect fans, we can create future newsletters for each release and push that to your fans. All the labels and management teams use this service to make sure they maximize the ability to get their fans working on their behalf. It’s also the way to make sales if you decide to produce merchandise, crowdfund and push streaming plays. We can show you how to make this all work for you.

3. Get Active on Social Media. …
You’ve got to have a page on all the social media pages. The mistake most artists make is they don’t keep them active. Each page has it’s own content posting rules so keep that in mind when you create content for all your releases. Content should be delivered in three stages. Pre-releasee, in the moment of the release and post-release. This keeps the fans informed and keeps to keep your story current. Never be out of sight, nobody will miss you… someone will just take your place.

4. Publish Videos and Live Streams. …
These are essential for every artist. At the very least you need to live stream and release lyric videos. Besides, I love to encourage artists to start their own audio podcast feed. Just 1 minute of chat about each song you produce. It’s amazing for a fan to be able to hear that directly from you. This is in addition to your long-form interviews.

5. Press
AVA Live Radio is the Radiobroadcast and music marketing team that I work for. We help artists to

  • Distribute their music every day across 15 broadcasting channels
  • Get you featured on music news Newsletters and blogs
  • Advertise for you on social media platforms.
  • Arrange features on magazines
  • Build your website and create your email/newsletter infrastructure

Having a great team like this by your side is essential so we have a one-stop and dependable service for all musicians to get help. This is a wonderful time for indie artists to build careers in music, dedicate your time to it and you’ll find that to be a very fulfilling life career.

Best of luck in all you do.

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