Danish musician and producer Njordlyd creates mellow musical landscapes and organic compositions with experimental rhythms and micro-sounds

Finding your road as a music producer and songwriter can be challenging. Without guidance, where do you start, and how do you figure everything out and overcome all those hurdles?

In this songwriting series, I asked a few of my favorite creators to answer some questions on their process in…

Why get trapped listening to one genre when you can have so much more.


Even though todays music discovery experience comes mostly from algorithm-Based Music Recommendations, the computer doesn’t always get it right. Every week Spotify serves up around 100 disappointing tracks that it thinks I might like leaving me feeling unfulfilled and bored.

When is Spotify going to realize that this generation of…

A Seattle band finds their sound through struggle

The Glacial Drift has just hit their first streaming milestone. Their Spotify streams have by climbing every day just weeks after releasing what is quickly becoming a sound they will be known for.

“Sometimes you come to realize that working with what you have is much better than wanting what you don’t have.”

Why did you decide to move away from Progressive rock to electronic instrumentation?

We’ve always had a love for experimenting. This began with a simple goal of telling the…

The Songwriters process with Greg Paddock

Being an effective songwriter clearly lies with the listener.

A songwriter can carefully craft their lyrics and whip a melody into symphonic candy but the real test remains in the listeners hands.

Getting your message across to an audience while keeping your listeners engaged and involved from beginning to end…

Songs that tell a story and make you think about life have the power to inspire change.

Music creates magical moments and also has the power to bring us back to those memorable times that should never be forgotten.

I hope these songs will create new magical moments for you and also surround you with positive memories. …

Why you should treat your email list like a protected treasure

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I was reading an email response from an artist sending a continual unsolicited email to one of our staff emails.

The staff member was requesting that the artist NOT send daily unsolicited emails to that account.

When the sender was questioned and offered tips on best practices to sift their…

Kayla Silverman talks openly about Songwriting, Modern influences and social media.

I grew up singing covers and musical theatre tunes where I embodied iconic characters. I embraced their accomplishments and hardships and expressed them in song. But as I got older, I realized that I wanted to tell my own stories and learn to express my own successes and burdens. I…

AVA Live Radio

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